Saturday, September 5, 2015

Sandwicheese at Sky Garden

Another restaurant that's worth a try is Sandwicheese. Last week, after doing some errands in Mandaluyong and Makati, I found myself a bit dizzy and realized that I did not eat lunch yet and it's already 4:00 in the afternoon. I walked from MRT Trinoma station to SM the Block thinking of something that I could devour easily. I thought of Banapple and went straight inside only to find out that I have to wait for my turn because they are already full. I walk out feeling pissed off and after a few steps I noticed the restaurant beside them and alas! they're offering great sandwiches. 

I quickly asked for the menu and when I saw their offerings, my heart and stomach almost jump for joy! Haha! I wanted to eat something light and healthy and they have it! Exactly what i wanted... here is what I ordered...

Melting Tuna Sandwicheese (P 130.00)
(Tuna with cheese sauce, mozzarella, parmesan and
romaine lettuce on wheat bread)

The taste is heaven...and it was love at first bite!
(I love cheese and tuna and this one did not disappoint)

My beverage that perfectly goes with my sandwich is....

Dalandan Passion Slush P 80.00
( a refreshing drink of sweet dalandan passion fruit 
and brewed tea)

The ambiance is cool as well as the staff, they're all friendly and accommodating.

I'll be back for sure.

Wait, did I mentioned Sandwicheese is owned by Bannaple also? So expect great offerings from this newbie in the sandwich world :)


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