Tuesday, September 1, 2015

La Mesa de Mikay in Malabon

We celebrate last night the birthday of our friend Gelo in one of the newest dining places herein Malabon. The establishment is called La Mesa de Mikay and it's the first boodle fight theme restaurant in Concepcion. It was the idea of our friend Maric to have dinner there because she's already a regular customer of the place.

This is what we had for dinner last night, we ordered two of these
which were good for 4 persons per order

Barangay Muzon P 430.00
(yes, that's the name of this yummy treat!)
It has grilled liempo, inasal na manok, bangus,
ensaladang talong, itlog na maalat and comes
with 4 glasses of iced tea ... yes, it's quite a steal!

Take a closer look...

The liempo and the chicken were perfectly grilled

Good thing they include fish and vegetables too!
The ensaladang talong with bagoong is really good and a perfect
pair of the grilled liempo and chicken

I had a great dining experience I must say but the only downside was... the place is quite small with only 4 dining tables inside and I think 4 more tables outside. You can't stay longer because there are lots of people waiting for their turn, and syempre we have conscience naman and we're sensitive enough to see by the look in their eyes na "kami naman po!" hahaha! 

Check out the place here...

2 outside tables and 2 on the other side
(That's Gelo, the birthday boy!)
Each table is good for 4 persons only  and there are 4 outside tables so imagine the place when there's a lot of people just like last night, good thing that Maric reserved 2 tables before we went there at 6:30 pm and halfway our meal people started to flock and wait for their turn.

Curious about the price?

Their menu is simple that you just got to choose the name of the barangay, hehehe... you can choose in 4 different barangays (sad coz they did not include Brgy. Tugatog, haha!) but if you're only two and with a small appetite, you can try their solo which are reasonably priced too. They said that the owner is from Brgy. Tinajeros, hence the most expensive package in the menu :)

I heard that they are open from 6:00 pm till 12 midnight so better be there before 6 until 6:30 to secure a good spot :) 

So you're asking if I will go back? 
YES! and definitely with my 3 boys who loves to eat just like me!


  1. Alam mo ba naghahnap kami ng kainan s Malabon dahil maglilibre yung frnd ko. Pakita ko s kanya to kung magugustuhan nya. Saka affordable kaya maganda.

  2. ate! ok siya kaso nga dapat before 6:30 pm nandon na kayo or better yet, PM mo sila sa FB page nila for reservation :)

  3. Simply the best... Very generous ang serving ng liempo at perfect ang bagoong. Di mo na need lumabas sa malabon hustle free sa traffic. #proudtobemalabonian


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